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Summer 2017 Offerings:


* Summer 2017 courses displayed below. Check back soon for 2018 listings.


Mini-Term: Techniques in Molecular Biology

This course is designed to supplement the scientific classroom experience of students by providing hands on experience with the essential core molecular biology techniques of bacterial DNA cloning, DNA analysis, and protein analysis. Students will be able to understand and explain how these methodologies work scientifically and will develop the basic laboratory skills necessary for the successful completion of the assays. * Prerequisites: Solid background in biology

Course Number: AS.020.126.73

Term: Mini-Term III

Dates: July 23 - August 5

Instructor: James Gordy

Campus: Homewood Campus

Credits: 1

Days & Times:

M - 2-5pm

T - 2-5pm

W - 2-5pm

R - 2-5pm

F - 2-5pm



Mini- Term: Who thinks abstractly?: Fundamentals of Critical Theory

This course provides students with an introduction to foundational texts in the history of political thought. We will explore major concepts such as reason, right, and freedom. Students can expect to gain familiarity with works that have proven immensely influential in modern Europe and beyond, but will also be expected to consider ways in which such thinking has relevance for todayís world. Participation in discussions, and two short papers dealing directly with the ideas of two different thinkers will be required. All texts will be available through Blackboard.

Course Number: AS.213.319.73

Term: Mini-Term III

Dates: July 23 - August 5

Instructor: Jason Yonover

Campus: Homewood Campus

Credits: 1

Days & Times:

M - 10am-12pm

T - 10am-12pm

W - 10am-12pm

R - 10am-12pm

F - 10am-12pm



Mini-Term: Edible Pharmacopeia

We will explore some of the commonly used herbal medicines which support our anatomy and physiology. One class will be devoted to pain management & the emerging use of Cannabinoids. JHU is currently performing a clinical trial on Mistletoe which we will be study, as itís use is widespread for cancer patients in Europe. We will review current scientific discoveries explaining the cellular pathways and mechanisms that these plants affect in healing. Therapeutic doses, appropriate uses, plus known drug-herb interactions will be highlighted. Students will gain some useful insights into staying well, thinking clearly and optimizing their personal performance during their academic years ahead.

Course Number: AS.360.249.73

Term: Mini-Term III

Dates: July 23 - August 5

Instructor: Georganne Giordano

Campus: Homewood Campus

Syllabus: Download (.doc)

Credits: 1

Days & Times:

M - 1-3pm

T - 1-3pm

W - 1-3pm

R - 1-3pm

F - 1-3pm


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John D. Rockefeller V

John D. Rockefeller V, Ph.D.

Dr. Rockefeller lectures for The Writing Seminars.

Barbara Gruber painting

Barbara Gruber, M.F.A.

Barbara Gruber teaches painting and drawing.

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