Time: Jul 20 11:30 AM
Location: Online

What does it all mean for our public speaking abilities? In this dynamic online session, we will talk about how to tap into your power of speaking from the heart – revealing what you deeply care about – plus how to simplify your message so that is easy to communicate and to remember.

Bad presenters… speak too much! In so doing, they risk focusing too much on themselves, not connecting with their audiences, and ultimately, not being remembered or believed.

The paradoxical lessons to learn from great presenters – that we can all learn and master – are all about:

  • Learning to… listen more;
  • Stop talking… or talking less! (reducing your message to no more than 3 minutes)
  • Speaking from the heart (hint: easier said than done!)

Join us in this 90-minute online session where you will begin to learn:

  • The 5 tips that can make or break your presentation
  • The power of speaking from the heart, through a simple class demonstration based on your own lines
  • The importance of creating a clear, logically organized – and short – pitch, delivered in less than 3 minutes

The tools from this session (the WHAC, the 5 tips) will begin to guide you towards success and clarity as you deliver your message in public speaking situations.

Facilitator: Adriano Pianesi

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