Initial Tuition Payment

Your Initial Payment of tuition is due within 10 days of submitting your Summer at Hopkins Offer Letter Response. You can submit your payment through the Summer at Hopkins post-admit portal.

JHED ID and Johns Hopkins Email

As a Summer at Hopkins student you’ll be provided a Johns Hopkins online ID, often referred to as your JHED ID (pronounced “jed”), within 2-3 business days following the submission of your initial payment. Your JHED ID allows you to access JHU information technology systems, including the platforms you may need to use for your classes. Visit the Johns Hopkins IT website to learn how to confirm your JHED ID. Activating your JHED ID is also a critical step to set up your official Johns Hopkins email address.

Additional Documentation

Medical Forms: Register Your PyraMed Online Health Web Portal Account

The PyraMed Online Health Web Portal allows students to securely communicate with providers, electronically submit pre-entrance health forms, view, and print immunization history, receive lab results, and schedule appointments.
The server is offline daily between 3–5 a.m. ET for routine maintenance.

  1. Complete the following steps to register your account:
    a. Go to
    b. Select “Click here to register.”
    c. Enter your Hopkins ID (found in SIS, 6-character ID), Hopkins email address, and date of birth.
    d. You will receive an email from Portal with a link to create your password.
    e. After clicking the link, you will be prompted to create an 8-character password.
    f. After creating your password, you will be able to log into your account.
    Please note: if you share your Hopkins ID and password with someone else, they will be able to access your confidential medical record.
  2. Complete Online Health Web Portal Forms
    a. Log into your Health Web Portal account.
    b. Click the “My Forms” tab and complete each of the online health forms you see.
    c. The Immunization form has a link for you to upload your completed Pre-Entrance health form and any vaccine history records as supporting documentation for verification of the dates you list.
    d. If you do not have a U.S. cell phone number yet, please do not complete the Communication form until you arrive in the U.S.
    e. The information provided on your online health forms and your completed health form that you attached will be reviewed by our staff; you will receive an email IF you have missing requirements.
  3. Complete Standard Health and Vaccination Information
    Pre-College Students:
    Upload your vaccination records and have the dates you list verified.
    a. Students need to upload their vaccination records in a tab marked “Document Upload.”
    b. Students are required to verify the following:
    i. T-dap vaccine, after age 11 (not available in China, available in all other countries)
    ii. 2 doses of MMR vaccine, given after age 1 and at least 28 days apart
    iii. TSpot or Quantiferon Gold TB testing for international students (within 6 months of coming to campus, available in all countries)
    c. All file uploads into the web portal must be in JPG or PDF format.
    d. Please read the form carefully to understand the required vaccines and blood test for TB screening before arriving to campus based on your status. The Pre-Entrance Health Form and supporting documents must be completed in English. The form may not be completed by a medical clinician family member.
    Adult Visiting Undergraduates:
    Complete the Pre-Entrance Health Form and have the dates you list verified.
    a. Download the Pre-Entrance Health Form, complete it, and have it signed by a medical provider or attach your vaccine history records.
    b. Verification can be accomplished by having your medical provider’s office sign/stamp the completed health form, or you may attach vaccine history records to verify the immunization dates listed.
    c. All file uploads into the web portal must be in JPG or PDF Format.
  4. Additional Documentation
    If you have an insurance plan within the United States, you can upload a copy of your insurance card, front and back, to the online health web portal tab marked ‘Document Upload’ and select insurance card in the dropdown.

Please visit the JHU Student Health and Wellness Center website for more information about the services for our students.

If you have any questions regarding your health forms, please email questions to Please allow 3 business days for a response.

Medical Forms: Submit Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination

Johns Hopkins University utilizes the Vaccine Management System to verify compliance with the on-campus Covid-19 vaccination policy. Students must be compliant with the current (April 2022) JHU vaccination policy as of the first day of their summer course/program. Fully vaccinated is defined as having the initial COVID-19 vaccination and either the Pfizer or Moderna COVID booster shot.

  1. Complete Vaccination Verification in the VMS:
    • Login to the VMS to submit documentation.
    • Select Covid-19 as the vaccination being documented.
    • Follow the steps to input your vaccine manufacturer and the dates you received each vaccine dose.
    • Upload a photo of your CDC COVID-19 vaccination record card if you were vaccinated in the U.S.; if you do not have a CDC card, you may upload other forms of documentation if they are in English (by a certified translation, if necessary) and from an official source such as your health care provider. Translation services are available via Orbit Translation.

Information on the Covid-19 Vaccination Policy exemptions can be found on the VMS website.

Complete the Summer at Hopkins Residential Health and Emergency Contact Form

Students staying with us in the residence hall must complete our Health and Emergency Contact Form. Information on the form will be utilized to help us identify any health or dietary accommodations that need to be considered to provide students with a safe and meaningful time while on campus. Students required to complete this form will receive a link through email.

Disability Accommodation Request

Please see the  Student Support Resources page regarding documentation guidelines and visit the online portal to submit accommodation documents.

Submit your Summer at Hopkins Forms

All students (and a parent/guardian for minors) are required to complete multiple forms before the start of their coursework. In an effort to expedite the process, all forms will be sent through DocuSign for official submission. With attention to accessibility, we have provided links to the specific form packets by student type below. If you have any issues with submitting through DocuSign, please contact us at

Pre-College – Residential (2-Week)
Pre-College – Residential (5-Week)
Pre-College – Commuter
Pre-College – Online

Visiting Undergraduate – Residential
Visiting Undergraduate – Commuter
Visiting Undergraduate – Online


It’s your ID. It’s your library card. It’s your key. It’s your wallet. It’s your J-Card.

The J-Card gets you into residence halls, the library, academic buildings, and other campus facilities. It’s also as good as cash: You can store money on your J-Card and use it to do laundry, make copies, and buy food and other items on and off campus. You will receive your J-Card at move-in.

How to Upload Your Photo in Your MyJH Portal:

  • Login to your myJH.
  • Upon login, you will be prompted to upload a photo.
  • When taking or selecting your photo, please keep the following guidelines in mind:
    • Passport and graduation photos are ideal.
    • Choose a plain, indoor background, as outside shots do not reproduce well on the card.
    • Only the image of your head, neck, and shoulders will be printed on your J-Card, so if your head takes up too small a portion of the picture, it will be difficult to reproduce for your card.
    • Do not wear sunglasses, hats, or hairstyles obscuring your eyes.


Summer at Hopkins requires that you participate in an online orientation prior to your start date.

Balance Due

Whether you’re an online student or a residential student, you’ll need to remit your remaining balance five weeks prior to your course or program start date. Please contact the Student Accounts Office with payment inquiries.

Students may call the Student Enrollment and Account Management team with questions regarding their billing at +1 877-419-5131 or use SEAM’s online form to request assistance.

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