Initial Tuition Payment

We advise you to make your Initial Payment of tuition as soon as possible after submitting your Summer at Hopkins Offer Response Form. Payments are submitted through your Summer at Hopkins post-admit portal and are applied directly toward your summer bill. Paying your Initial Payment begins your course registration process

Course Registration

We cannot guarantee a spot in any program or course until the entire enrollment process is complete. To maximize your chances of getting into a popular offering before it fills, please complete your enrollment requirements as soon as possible.

Once you submit your Offer Response Form and Initial Tuition Payment, the Summer at Hopkins staff will register you in the course or program you have indicated, depending on availability.

If the course or session is full at the time of your Initial Payment or there are time conflicts with your selections, the Summer at Hopkins team will reach out to discuss available options and the potential to waitlist.

Registration opens on March 5, 2024.

JHED ID and Johns Hopkins Email

As a Summer at Hopkins student, you’ll be provided a Johns Hopkins online ID, often referred to as your JHED ID (pronounced “jed”), within one week of your initial payment. Your JHED ID allows you to access JHU information technology systems, including the platforms you may need to use for your classes. Please look for an email containing your JHED ID and activation instructions to the email address used on your admissions application. You may want to check your spam/junk folder as well.

For students who did not include an SSN, a Temporary Government ID will be emailed to you to activate your JHED ID. Activating your JHED ID is critical to setting up your official Johns Hopkins email address. Your JHU email address is your official university email account. As the summer approaches, your instructors and other JHU resources will reach out using your official email account.

If you have any trouble activating your JHED ID or Hopkins Email, please contact the JHU IT Support Desk at 410-516-4357 at your earliest convenience for assistance. Read more about your JHED ID and Johns Hopkins email.

Additional Documentation

Medical Forms and Immunization Records

Students enrolled on-campus will use the JHU Student Health and Wellness Center Medical Portal to electronically submit their mandatory pre-entrance health forms and upload their immunization records. The portal will launch in April 2024.

To attend on-campus coursework, students must have the following:

  • T-DAP vaccine, after age 11*
  • 2 doses of MMR vaccine, given after age 1 and at least 28 days apart
  • Quantiferon Gold TB testing for international students from countries with elevated risk of TB (within 6 months of coming to campus, available in all countries)

COVID-19 Policy Overview

While recommended, Covid-19 vaccinations are not required to enroll in on-campus courses. Johns Hopkins University strongly encourages students to be fully vaccinated and have at least one COVID-19 booster prior to arrival. Students are not required to test before arrival but are strongly encouraged to test before traveling.

Disability Accommodation Request

Please see the Student Support Resources page regarding documentation guidelines and visit the online portal to submit accommodation documents.


It’s your ID. It’s your library card. It’s your key. It’s your wallet. It’s your J-Card.

The J-Card gets you into residence halls, the library, academic buildings, and other campus facilities. It’s also as good as cash: You can store money on your J-Card and use it to do laundry, make copies, and buy food and other items on and off campus. You will receive your J-Card at move-in. Please complete the steps below to ensure your picture is on your J-Card.

How to Upload Your Photo in Your MyJH Portal:

  • Login to your myJH.
  • Upon login, you will be prompted to upload a photo.
  • When taking or selecting your photo, please keep the following guidelines in mind:
    • Passport and graduation photos are ideal.
    • Choose a plain, indoor background, as outside shots do not reproduce well on the card.
    • Only the image of your head, neck, and shoulders will be printed on your J-Card, so if your head takes up too small a portion of the picture, it will be difficult to reproduce for your card.
    • Do not wear sunglasses, hats, or hairstyles obscuring your eyes.


Summer at Hopkins requires all students to participate in an online orientation before their program start date. Summer at Hopkins Orientation will launch before the end of March. We encourage you to complete the Orientation at your earliest convenience to ensure you have submitted all required materials for your program.

The Orientation will be accessible via Canvas. After activating your JHED ID, please log in to Canvas, and then the Summer at Hopkins team will add you to the orientation course. Please note you will only see the orientation course in Canvas once you have received a message to your official Hopkins email inviting you to join the course.

Your Summer at Hopkins academic courses utilizing Canvas typically appear on Sunday evening before the program start date. Some courses may not appear until their start date.

Balance Due

Whether you’re an online or residential student, you’ll need to remit your remaining balance in SIS. You will be given instructions on accessing your student account during your online Orientation. The Student Accounts Office will also send monthly statements to your JHU Email account. To ensure you are not at risk of being dropped from your course(s), please pay your summer balance before moving in for residential students and/or your first day of classes for commuters and online students. If you need assistance making your payment, please contact the Student Accounts Office directly.

Students may call the Student Enrollment and Account Management team with questions regarding their billing at 877-419-5131 or use SEAM’s online form to request assistance.

On-Campus Welcome Session

Students living in Wolman Hall with us this summer will have a Welcome Session during the evening of move-in. This required event will orient you to campus, allow you to meet your peers, and cover important program expectations.

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