Fulfill your degree requirements, explore a new subject, or free up your fall and spring schedules for research opportunities—Summer Term 2024 offers the perfect opportunity to pursue your goals.

Choose from dozens of courses in the arts, sciences, math, engineering, or the humanities, and study either online or in person on the Homewood campus.

Application and Enrollment

There is no application necessary for currently enrolled Johns Hopkins students. Registration for Summer will open via SIS in March 2024.

Important Note for Incoming JHU Undergraduates

If you’re a newly accepted undergraduate student, you’ll find Summer Term is an ideal opportunity to get ahead of the curve. However, if you haven’t yet begun your first Fall Term, you’ll need to submit an application for the 2024 Summer Term. Follow the Summer Term admissions process for Pre-College Students, but please also email your Johns Hopkins Acceptance Letter as confirmation of your status.

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