Thank you for your interest in Summer at Hopkins 2024. We’re here to help make your summer a success, so let’s get started. Please select the category below that best describes the type of student you are so that we can guide you through the admissions process.

Learn How to Apply

Pre-College Students

Join creative, accomplished high school students from around the world in Summer at Hopkins’ Pre-College Programs, designed to inspire curiosity and discovery. Or, if you’ve prepared yourself for the next level in learning, opt for the challenge of Summer Term's Undergraduate Courses.

Visiting Undergraduate Students

Whether you’re visiting from another college or university or simply want to take a course without being enrolled in a degree program, you can expand your knowledge and experience the academic and social life of a Johns Hopkins student.

Enrolled Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Students

In most cases, as a currently enrolled Johns Hopkins student, you're welcome to log into SIS to register for summer courses.

International Students

Johns Hopkins University is a global university, welcoming students from more than 50 countries each year. If you’re not a United States' citizen or permanent resident, you are considered an international student.

Students Returning for Another Summer at Hopkins

As a returning Blue Jay, you’re eligible for an application fee waiver. In addition, if you’re applying to return to the same offering as your previous summer experience, you’re considered pre-certified.

Financial Assistance

Support for Your Summer Plans

Investing in your future can be easier with funds from awards, federal financial aid, or support from a Summer at Hopkins partner. Find out if you qualify for assistance.

Start Your Summer at Hopkins

Begin your application and you'll be so much closer to a memorable summer of new knowledge and friendships.

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