Connect and collaborate with intellectually inspired students from around the world as you explore a future major, pursue an area of interest, or build new skills. You’ll gain confidence and grow your knowledge base while earning academic credit that will enhance your college applications and give you a head start on higher education.

Whether you are looking for online or on-campus learning, you can choose from our two-week Pre-College Programs or consider Summer Term undergraduate courses, which range from five to ten weeks in length.

Explore Areas of Study

Explore your interests and get a preview of possible majors before you embark on your college career. Our summer offerings include programs and courses across a range of in-demand areas of study.

Browse Programs and Courses

We offer dozens of Pre-College Programs and undergraduate courses. Choose from coursework in your desired area of study or diversify your resume by selecting a new course or program that sparks your interest.

Learn How to Apply

You’ll need to apply, be accepted, and complete the enrollment process in order to participate in our Pre-College Programs or Summer Term options. If eligible, you’ll also need to apply to receive financial assistance.

The On-Campus Learning Difference

Nothing beats surrounding yourself with a learning community that fosters curiosity and advancement. Find out how the on-campus programs and courses can help you to excel as you seek to gain unimagined knowledge.

Get Acquainted with Online Learning

Enjoy the flexibility to fit summer studies into your busy day, from anywhere in the world. Most coursework is completed asynchronously, which means you can go ahead and take that summer job, apply for your dream internship, or just plan to relax at home.

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