You’re on your way to an unforgettable summer of academic challenge and fulfilling community engagement. As you start your journey, you’ll want to be aware of some important steps, resources and information, noted below.

Enrollment Checklist

Now that you’ve been accepted, you’ll need to enroll in Summer at Hopkins and complete some important steps. Learn more about deadlines and required documents and forms.

Course Change and Refund Timelines

You may elect to drop, add, or change your summer registration from a previous course or program registration by enacting a request with the appropriate administrative office. If you choose to withdrawal from your course or program, the timing will impact your refund allocation.

On-Campus Housing Adjustments

Living in a residence hall at Homewood campus is an exciting prospect for Pre-College Program or Summer Term students alike. To request on-campus housing, or if your in-residence plans have changed, please submit the portion of the Add/Drop Form relating to "On-Campus Housing Adjustments" near the bottom of the page.

Policies and Procedures

While you’re with us you’ll need to abide by Summer at Hopkins rules and regulations, as well as the university’s undergraduate policies.

Living in a Residence Hall

You have a lot to consider when living on campus - how to get here, when to arrive, what to bring, and more.

Student Resources

You’ll have access to a variety of resources, from technical help with software systems and learning platforms, to academic adviser services, and more.

Transcripts and Grades

After completing Summer at Hopkins, you’ll be able to order your official academic transcript and see the official grading assessment used at Johns Hopkins University.

Program and Course Access

Programs and courses will be made available on Canvas on Sunday before the course begins.

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