Tackle challenging coursework and collaborate with students from around the world—at a time and place that works best for you.

Online programs and courses give you the opportunity to explore exciting topics under the guidance of Johns Hopkins’ expert instructors. Most Summer at Hopkins offerings will be delivered asynchronously, and you’re encouraged to attend any live interactions scheduled by your instructor. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage in non-academic activities with Summer at Hopkins students from around the world.


Instructors facilitate your coursework, with the same high expectations for learning and participation as you’d find with in-person instruction.

You can expect daily or weekly deadlines associated with written coursework and reading assignments (for example, discussion posts, quizzes, tests, presentations, and papers). Instructors may survey the class early on to determine possible meeting times and review student availability before determining office hours and any class meetings.

Live Interactions

For some courses or programs your instructor may host synchronous (live) interactions to give you an opportunity to collaborate and engage with peers and deliberate in real-time. (Recordings of these sessions are often available for those who cannot participate).

You’ll also be offered other opportunities to engage with peers and course materials outside of these sessions. Please refer to your syllabus for these opportunities and for your important program deadlines.

More on What to Expect

  • Your instructor will pay close attention to your progress and will follow your interactions, make comments, and respond to your questions via email, chat, forums (and possibly by phone).
  • Your online course or program will require about the same amount of study time as you would find in a face-to-face course.
  • You won’t be alone with your screen: You’ll communicate and collaborate with fellow students and your instructor for a fully interactive experience.
  • Some classes offer the opportunity for hands-on learning, such as suturing practice or completing a virtual lab assignment.

Outside the Classroom

In addition to academics, you’ll be offered a number of ways to engage with your classmates and other Summer at Hopkins students, including through online clubs and special events

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