Whether you’ll join your fellow Blue Jays at Homewood campus or online in 2024, learning and experiencing college life doesn’t stop when you are done with class. Pre-college student communities are springing up around activities and clubs and events throughout the summer. Take a closer look at the ways you can make them your own.

The On-Campus Community

In-person learning at JHU is even more enriching when it is paired with a lively schedule of activities and excursions. Weeknight events run from yoga and rock-climbing to watching movies and creating art. The fun doesn't stop there, your weekends could include shopping, trips to museums, or an intense amusement park adventure.

The Online Community

As a pre-college student learning online, you are bound to find a student club or two destined to bring you together with peers from around the world. And don't pass on the opportunity to take up a leadership challenge, as a pre-college student enrolled online with Summer at Hopkins, you can volunteer to lead a club.

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