Course Offering

As you create your course offering, please note that our programs and courses may serve pre-college, visiting undergraduates, and JHU undergraduate audiences.

Instructors interested in offering an existing or new summer course should work directly with their sponsoring department regarding any required documents needed for their courses to be considered (e.g., draft syllabus, CV, and any other supporting documents).

Instructors interested in offering an existing or new Intersession course should work directly with their sponsoring department regarding any required documents needed for their courses to be considered (e.g., draft syllabus, CV, and any other supporting documents).

Please review the departments listed with the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering to identify the appropriate department to sponsor your course.

Instructor Responsibilities

Each course needs a complete syllabus written using the approved template. The Office of Summer and Intersession Programs can provide you with the template if needed. Please submit a copy of your final syllabus to Andrea Abiamiri before posting it to your course section in Blackboard.

Please designate real-time virtual office hours via Zoom or Microsoft Teams for your students. Office hours should be scheduled for at least one hour 3 times per week per course taught online. Be sure to be mindful of students in different time zones.

The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences is serviced by the Johns Hopkins Barnes & Noble bookstore. The bookstore offers competitive pricing, new and used books, and buybacks. One of the important points in helping to ensure textbook affordability is providing your book information as early as possible. Please include book information in your welcome email to your students.

You have several options for placing your textbook order:

– Confirm your Summer at Hopkins textbook choice (if any) by emailing

– Email the textbook order form to 6 to 8 weeks before the class starts.

– Instructors with a JHU account can select their course materials through this website: There is a link to select course materials under the Actions tab of MyJH that will bring you directly to the portal. Select “Johns Hopkins University” from the dropdown menu and then proceed. You will be redirected to MyJHU to sign in to your account.

– Call 410-662-5850.

If you are NOT ordering textbooks, please notify the book center at so you can be taken off their missing order list.

Summer at Hopkins online courses and programs are delivered through Johns Hopkins Blackboard, the university’s learning management system. More information is available within the “Instructor Resources” section below.

Grades are submitted to the Registrar’s office. If you have questions, please call Pat Gray, Records Supervisor, at 410-516-7116. Grades must be submitted 48 hours after your last class. Only S/U grades should be submitted for Intersession Courses.

The only exceptions are Study Abroad courses and Intensive Language Courses, which are taught for 3 credits and a letter grade. Instructors may use Blackboard to submit grades if they wish to.

Instructor Resources and Classroom Information

As a university-wide, web-based student information system, SIS allows students to see course information, register for courses, update and maintain personal contact information, and see their grades. As a faculty member, you will log onto SIS using your JHED credentials in order to:

– View enrollment numbers

– View course rosters

– View additional course information (e.g. classroom location, instructor info)

– View student information

– Email your class

– Upload grades via an Excel spreadsheet

– Grade roster in SIS

– Add TAs to email and grading rights

If you don’t know your JHED ID or password, visit the Johns Hopkins University Enterprise Directory at myJH. Click the “First Time User” button located on the upper left side of the screen, and then follow the directions provided. You can also contact the Help Desk at 410-516-HELP. If you are not familiar with SIS for Instructors, please take this tutorial explaining how to use the service. If you are having difficulties viewing your roster or accessing the system, please notify the Office of the Registrar. Student rosters, student contact information, and final grades are viewable through SIS in most web browsers.

The Homewood campus uses Blackboard as its course management system. Training and how-to documentation, frequently asked questions, and more are located on the Center for Educational Resources’ Blackboard page. Many instructors use Blackboard to facilitate their courses, but it is not required. To log into Blackboard, open your web browser and go to

Pre-College Program instructors can get help with Blackboard by contacting the AAP Instructional Resource Center.

JHU Summer Term and Intersession Instructors can get help with Blackboard by emailing the Center for Educational Resources. Please note: Students are instructed to go directly to their instructor first should they experience an issue with their course.

To view your classroom assignment and course roster, log in to SIS. After making your term and course selections, click the “View” link and then click the “Faculty and Class Information” link. If you have any difficulty logging in, please e-mail the registrar’s office at

While some room assignments may be viewable, they are not considered finalized until at least 2 weeks before the start of each term. Room assignments can, and sometimes do, change up to the two weeks out from the class starting mark. Once you have your classroom assignment, we strongly recommend that you visit your room and test the audio/visual equipment prior to the first day of class. Please visit JHU KIT-Classroom and Audiovisual Support page for more information on the equipment expected in your classroom.

Please call JHU Campus Safety and Security at 410-516-4600. Some rooms can be opened by swipe card, most notably those in Gilman Hall. If you do not have J-card access please contact the J-card office at 410-516-5121 or email

Library Resources

Your Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory (JHED) login ID allows you access to the Sheridan Libraries’ extensive electronic databases and search capabilities. To obtain borrowing permissions from the library, you must have an activated J-Card. You can find information about obtaining or replacing a J-Card at the J-Card Office website.

The Sheridan Libraries can electronically post your course readings, course notes, syllabi, and exams. The library can also order your reserves for the reserve desk at your teaching site. To request electronic postings or to submit a reserve request, send your syllabus or list of citations by email to approximately four weeks prior to your course start date.

If you have any questions about course reserves, please contact Abby Collier, Reserve Room Supervisor, at 410-516-8377 or You can also visit the library’s Reserve Services page for more information.

Technical Resources

You may use Zoom to facilitate classes, synchronous office hours, student presentations, or group projects. For more information about Zoom, visit JHU IT’s Zoom Help page.

Microsoft Teams is an online collaboration platform made available through JHU’s Office 365 license. It allows users to chat, hold discussions, share links, images, and documents for collaborative editing. For more information, and to get help, visit JHU IT’s Microsoft Teams page.

Microsoft OneDrive is an online file storage service that can help keep your files secure and easily sharable with your colleagues, whether affiliated with JHU or not. You can store, upload, download, and share files with people inside and outside of JHU. Learn more at the JHOneDrive page.

Panopto enables easy audio/video/screen capture and provides sharing, embedding, and streaming of video lectures. Learn more at the Panopto website.

VoiceThread allows students to create and share interactive multimedia slideshows. For more information and technical support, visit JHU IT’s VoiceThread.

Additional Q & A

IRC Course Developments

Madalina Tincu is available for course support for Pre-College Programs and Summer Term courses that are being developed by the Instructional Resource Center. To report errors or technical problems, send an email to or call 855-207-2178. You may also contact the IT Help Desk via chat.

Summer Term Courses

Online Summer Term courses are supported by the Center for Educational Resources. For course design, “how-to” questions, technical problems, and general feedback please send an email to


Additional recourses and training can be found here.

Students with special needs go through a formal process with the University to request accommodations. All admitted students with special needs who wish to receive accommodations must initiate the registration process through the Office of Student Disability Services.

You can see a fully accurate list of all students with approved accommodations for your course (s) by logging in to Accommodate using your Hopkins JHED ID and password and following these steps:

On the left menu got to the Course tab Select the course listed in the center panel that you want to view by clicking on the link in the course number that appears when you mouse over it Click on the Enrolled Students tab at the top of the white area On the right side, use the drop-down arrow next to Showing to have the number of students records displaying (up to 250) so you can see all students on the panel Scroll down to view the list of accommodations for each student who has been approved for them This list is correct, regardless of whether you got a letter!

*You can also use the keyword search to find a student by name. Search using the least common portion of the name.

– Faculty Video Guide to Accessing Accommodation Letters/Information in the Faculty Portal

– PowerPoint Document: Faculty Portal Guide

Please contact if you have any questions about accommodating students in your courses or using the Accommodate faculty portal.

Online student evaluations are administered by the Registrar’s Office. You will receive notification and instructions via email. Please contact for assistance.

The Office of Summer and Intersession Programs does not provide instructor parking. If you do not already have Homewood campus parking arrangements in place, please visit the JHU Parking Office website for visitor parking locations.

Please e-mail Lori Henley with the Office of Summer and Intersession Programs.

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