Join us for this online Pre-College Program where many great discussions and activities await as you participate. Additionally we plan to offer live JHU Admission Events as well.

Module One allows you to reflect upon who you are and why you want to attend college. Examine the many factors that contribute to admissions decisions, and develop a balanced list of colleges to research and explore.

Module Two provides strategies and techniques to improve your ACT and SAT scores. You will also brainstorm, draft and revise both a personal essay and a detailed academic résumé.

The JHU Admission Events will be announced later in the Spring 2023 semester.

Begin Preparing for College this Summer

Johns Hopkins College Preparatory - PE.401.020

This two-week non-credit program will help you reflect on the value of a college education in relation to your life goals. You'll learn about the admissions review process and timelines. Improve upon your personal essay writing skills and develop a descriptive academic résumé. Even find out how to apply effective test-taking strategies for college standardized tests.

Succeed this Summer at Hopkins

Discover what you want out of college for yourself and then explore great techniques to improve your approach toward that objective.

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