Sample Schedule for Pre-College Students Staying in the Residence Hall during Summer Term

7 – 8:30 a.m. Head to the dining hall where you can grab a variety of breakfast options on your way to class.
9 a.m. Summer Term course schedules vary. Students should check their course schedules on SIS.
12 p.m. Lunch and study breaks. Enjoy a leisurely lunch with friends, catch up on homework, or workout at the gym. Lunch and study break times may vary depending on your course schedule.
5 p.m. Your class ends and you are ready for evening activities across campus. Choose from baking, shopping, museums, sports, and more.
6 p.m. Dinner time. Savor the unlimited portions at the dining hall.
8 p.m. Study or participate in a fun activity of your choice. Have a pizza, watch a movie, or play video games in the lounge. After a full day, it’s nice to relax with friends.
10 p.m. Residence Hall Sign-in
11 p.m. Be on your assigned floor.
12 a.m. Be in your assigned room.

Pre-College Weekend Activities

Every weekend, there’s a ton of optional and scheduled activities, local trips, and events. You will be informed of the options during the week by reading the daily bulletin and the activities board posted in the residential hall. An opportunity to suggest your individual and group activities is offered.

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