Your pre-college Summer at Hopkins experience isn’t limited to coursework alone—our online summer clubs offer an opportunity to take on a leadership challenge, explore an area of interest outside the classroom, and connect virtually with students from around the world. Student club leaders work with JHU staffers to organize and host live events. Any pre-college student enrolled in Summer at Hopkins can also volunteer to lead a club.

Pre-College Student Joy Fei Shares Her Story

Summer 2024 Online Clubs

This summer we anticipate offering a variety of clubs, such as the examples listed below. If you have an exciting idea for a virtual summer club at Johns Hopkins, please email your idea to [email protected] – you can even volunteer to lead the new group.

Biology Club

Join others interested in the biological sciences to gather, exchange ideas, and learn the latest news in the field.

Brain and Behavior Club

Connect with like-minded peers who share similar interests in psychology, neuroscience, cognitive, or linguistic sciences. You will participate in fun brain related activities, learn about various brain diseases, and exciting careers in the field of neuroscience.

Cooking Club

Share your passion for fine cuisine and meet fellow foodies from around the world. You’ll exchange recipes, tips, and techniques in our cooking club.

Cultural Immersion Club

Help promote greater cultural awareness and understanding, and learn more about other cultures from classmates around the world.

Hopkins Experience Club

Are you interested in attending Johns Hopkins University as an undergraduate? If so, join this club, led by current JHU undergraduates, to learn more about the Johns Hopkins experience. You’ll discover what it’s like to be a Johns Hopkins undergraduate student, enjoy a virtual tour of Johns Hopkins, and get the details on student affairs, housing and dining on campus.

Photography Club

Connect with other photographers to share your favorite pictures, get tips on improving your art, advance your strengths in storytelling, and share your own acquired knowledge with others. Your photographs may also be selected for recognition within Summer at Hopkins social media channels.

Public Health Club

Meet peers who share your passion for addressing today’s most pressing public health issues. The first step to solving a challenge begins with a single idea – perhaps it will be yours!

How Do I Sign Up?

Once you have been accepted for admission this summer, you will see the ability to indicate your interest in these clubs within the Post-Admit Portal. Please select your favorite club, or clubs, there.

Club Enrollment

Each club will need a minimum of 10 students participating in each session in order to run.

Time Commitment and Schedule

Each club session will be offered for one hour, twice a week. Your club leader will email you with the schedule.

Be a Club Leader

Any enrolled student is eligible to apply to serve as a club leader. Our goal is for each club to have co-leaders. Candidates will be asked to have a virtual individual interview and will be selected based on the qualities outlined below and the student’s ability to support and work with other students. If you are interested in leading a club, please email [email protected] by Friday, May 19, 2024.

Club Leader Roles and Responsibilities

  • Promote interaction among groups of students during small group discussions, ice-breakers, and activities.
  • Facilitate group interactions.
  • Work closely and cooperate with other leaders, JHU faculty, and other JHU administrators to develop, prepare, implement, and evaluate club activities.
  • Provide administrative support for the club, including preparation of materials.
  • Assist with and support all aspects of the club.
  • Create and disseminate emails.
  • Take notes as needed.

Important Club Leader Qualities

  • Prior campus or high school involvement in work-study, club leadership, or other campus roles
  • Positive attitude and ability to motivate others
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively and collaboratively with diverse groups of people

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