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Population Genomics: Evolution, Extinction & Disease - AS.020.108

Pre-College students June 24 - July 5 Online
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Population genomics is the study of the structure, function, and variability of the entire genetic complement of organisms considered on a population scale. By examining how gene variants change in structure and frequency in populations over time, we can study the process of evolution and how it contributes to biodiversity and the formation of new species; this information can be used to increase the efficacy of conservation efforts. By studying gene variants underlying diseases at the scale of populations, we can better diagnose complex polygenic diseases like cancer. This course introduces the fundamentals of population genomics and provides an overview of the subfields of evolutionary genomics, conservation genomics, and medical genomics.

This self-paced program is primarily delivered asynchronously; however, your instructor may schedule live interactions as well. Please refer to your syllabus for these opportunities and for your important program deadlines.

Prerequisite: At least one semester of high school biology is recommended, but not required.

Required Text: There are no required textbooks for this program; all readings and resources will be made available to you throughout the program.

2 weeks
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