Summer 2023 Recap

More than 1,800 pre-college and undergraduate students from around the world headed to JHU’s Homewood campus or logged in online over ten weeks of summer programming in 2023. Read more >>

5 Reasons Pre-College Programs Are Worth It

Learn the benefits of pre-college programs, including the chance to pursue your passion, round-out your résumé, and connect with academically minded peers from around the world. Read more >>

Got Questions About Summer at Hopkins?

Will you earn college credit? Can you study more than one subject at a time? Is Summer at Hopkins out of reach if you are across the world? We have answers to your questions. Read more >>

Are College Summer Classes Right for You?

Considering your summer plans? Learn the benefits of summer courses and get more information on how to enroll as a visiting undergraduate or international student. Read more >>

Summer Term: Commuting vs. Living on Campus

Taking undergraduate courses this summer? Consider the pros and cons of living on campus in the residence halls or commuting in order to save money. Read more >>

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