Published May 7, 2024

Two Summer students in a class room, open laptops on their desks, smiling.Do summer programs count as extracurriculars? Do they look good on college applications? How do pre-college summer programs help students—academically and personally? If you are an intellectually oriented pre-college student considering a summer program, you might be wondering about these and other frequently asked questions.

Fortunately, we have answers!

General Summer Program FAQs

Participating in a pre-college summer program doesn’t guarantee admission to a college or university as an undergraduate student. However, it can be a valuable addition to your college resume. Your pre-college program experience demonstrates a commitment to learning beyond the regular school year and the ability to tackle challenging coursework. Some admissions committees may view this as a positive indicator of motivation and genuine interest in exploring and expanding your knowledge base.

Absolutely! Summer programs count as valued extracurricular activities on your college applications. They’re opportunities to prove your dedication and growth in a specific field, like medicine, psychology, or creative writing.

You can include your pre-college summer program or courses in the activities section or your college application and on a resume, where you will have more room to explain the specifics of what you learned and the benefits you gained from the experience.

Pre-college programs are designed to help you prepare for the transition to college. You will have an opportunity to get a taste of the college experience, complete college-level coursework, and build confidence that will serve you in college and beyond. Specifically, pre-college programs can help by allowing you to:

Explore College Life Whether it’s an in-person immersion or an online experience, you’ll navigate academic challenges, interact with peers, and become familiar with campus resources. This helps you set the stage for a smoother transition into undergraduate studies by giving you a better understanding of what to expect and how to navigate academically after high school.

Build Academic Confidence and Skills Participating in pre-college programs can help you further develop your academic skills and boost your confidence. Such programs give you a head start on college-level coursework, allowing you to develop essential skills and adjust to the demands of higher education. You may even earn college credit that will transfer when you attend college as an undergraduate student.

Forge Meaningful Connections with Mentors and Peers Pre-college programs offer the opportunity to form significant connections with mentors and peers. You’ll be part of a community of passionate, like-minded learners who share your interests.

This supportive environment provides not only valuable guidance, but also a sense of belonging and togetherness. The connections you make can prove to be invaluable throughout your college years—and beyond.

Summer at Hopkins FAQs

Summer at Hopkins’ two-week Pre-College Programs are designed for advanced high school students who are ready to tackle challenging college coursework. In addition, qualified pre-college students can enroll in Summer at Hopkins Summer Term undergraduate courses, where they will study alongside Johns Hopkins undergraduate students and undergraduates visiting from other colleges and universities.

For Summer at Hopkins, pre-college students need:

A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale

Successful completion of 9th grade for Summer at Hopkins Pre-College Programs and 10th grade for Summer Term undergraduate courses

A completed online application

An official academic transcript or grade report

The $85 application fee

Additional admissions requirements for international students include validating proficiency in the English language and evaluating international official transcripts. Learn more on our International Students page.

No, there isn’t a deadline for applications. We admit students on a rolling basis. However, due to the popularity of some courses and programs, we highly recommend applying as soon as possible to begin the process of reserving your spot.

Summer at Hopkins will review your application and notify you of your decision via the online application portal within five to seven business days.

Summer at Hopkins Pre-College Programs earn one college credit. Pre-college students who take undergraduate courses through Summer at Hopkins can earn up to four credits per course, depending on the course. The official number of credits is listed within the Summer at Hopkins online catalog.

With online Pre-College Programs, you’re welcome to enroll in one or two programs per session (three sessions total). With on-campus Pre-College Programs, you are welcome to register for a total of one program per session in each of the three sessions.

Yes, pre-college students may enroll in more than one course at a time; however, to support a successful learning experience, 14 credits is the maximum you may take during the Summer Term, with no more than seven credits scheduled within a single session.

Online Pre-College Programs and Summer Term undergraduate courses provide the flexibility to fit coursework into your life. Most courses are asynchronous and provide a weekly schedule to accommodate all student schedules and time zones.

For on-campus students, a typical day might look like this:

Breakfast at the Hopkins Café

Pre-college programs until lunch, including lectures and activities

Lunch break

More program experiences

Dinner at the Hopkins Café

Evening activities such as a soccer tournament or trivia competition

Pre-college students will be assigned roommates by their program and volunteered gender. We do take into consideration specific roommate requests. Learn more on our Residence Life page.

Yes! We do our best to ensure you are in the course or program that best fits your needs. Once you receive your course or program assignment, you can request a change by filling out the online add/drop form on our website, which is under the menu tab “Accepted Students.”

You can learn about financial assistance, including the Dean’s Fellowship Award, on our Financial Assistance page.

While Summer at Hopkins does not directly affect your admissions decision for Johns Hopkins University as an undergraduate applicant, it does show any college you apply to that you’re capable of taking college-level courses as a high school student and are committed to your academic success.

Summer at Hopkins and Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Admissions partner throughout the year to offer students access to events where they can learn more about the Johns Hopkins undergraduate experience and the application process.

Spend Your Summer With Hopkins!

Discover an unforgettable summer experience with Summer at Hopkins. Our three two-week Pre-College Program sessions provide both on-campus and online options, running from late June to early August. Summer Term undergraduate courses, open to qualified pre-college students, run in multiple sessions from late May to early August. Make the most of your summer, and join us for an enriching academic journey that you will never forget!

Contact us today to learn more about Summer at Hopkins Pre-College Programs and Summer Term undergraduate courses.

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